£600 Escorts

This is our gallery of escorts from £600 to £700. Virtually all of these girls are £600 for an hour of their time. It’s such a popular price choice for high class escorts in London these days, and there are only a few that go higher than this. There are plenty of cheap escorts of course, and all those price ranges in between. You can filter your search from the main homepage escort gallery by clicking the amount of money you’d like to spend. You will see the options at the top of the gallery.

This is arguably the most popular price range for Park Lane Escorts, simply because we’re a high class agency and people come to us when they want the best. And you can bet your life that all these girls are confirmed as being high class. You won’t get any issues with an escort for this price, they’re all at the top of their profession. Elite models, each and every one of them. All of them will have had lots of experience and have superb skills and abilities that will leave your mind truly blown. And if you’re a gentleman that’s looking at escorts for £600, the price probably isn’t anywhere near the issue when you’re booking this type of company. What you will be looking for is quality and true excellence. You’re a man who desires the very best from his escorts, and when you are paying this sort of high-end price, you certainly deserve to get it.

So, you look for quality, above all other things, excepting perhaps appearance of course. And you know what we mean when we say that you like to pay more for your companion than you do for your lunch! When you take £600 escorts out to lunch or dinner, you can expect a date to remember. These sorts of girls are the ones that can help you choose the wine too, unlike some cheaper escorts at other agencies, and those advertised independently. This is because high class London escorts have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. They know the difference between a £30 bottle of champagne and a £300 bottle, so you’d better have your best game on when you date these ladies. Have you ever been on a date with someone as cultured and refined as she is beautiful?

Outcall £600 escorts

You can choose between incall or outcall services of course. £600 London escorts of this calibre are perfect for outcalls to your hotel, or dinner dates (as we just mentioned). You can have them meet you in the hotel bar, lobby, or anywhere within reason. An outcall service with some escorts is usually a little more expensive, but not always. You’ll have to look in the individual girls’ profiles for more information on their rates.

You never need to worry about an outcall escort at this rate either. She will never draw unwanted attention to herself coming to your hotel, she will always be discreet. A high class call girl will never appear too obvious either. She’s not going to turn up in a ridiculously short skirt, showing her stocking tops, wearing heels she can’t walk in. The type of girls you book for £600 and upwards are always going to be more elegant and refined. But remember, they can always bring things with them if you’d like to see them dress up in something different. Just make sure you let us know what you’d like when you book.

Incall £600 escorts

They also have wonderfully comfortable and accessible apartments all over Central London and the West End. Many of these girls are Mayfair escorts, but not all of them by any means. Their apartments are tastefully decorated, luxurious, and have fully functional showers with everything else you could possibly need. The girls will have refreshments available to you should you need them and they will be happy to get anything else in if you request it in advance. A truly elite model escort will always go the extra mile for an incall booking. At this price you’d expect them to.

Why this price?

When you price yourself in this range, you attract the type of client that can afford you. It’s basic logic really. And women that class themselves in this price range know that they’re worth it. It doesn’t have as much to do with appearance as you might first think either. A £600 London escort, has experience, she can handle herself and she has a refined sensibility that just won’t tolerate anything less than the best. You will find all our girls at this price and upwards are like this. They only date the very best clients. And on top of this, you can expect them not to be burdened with back to back bookings all day long. These are not the type of girls who are likely to have seen four or five other clients before you. They only book a few clients each week, and these are often quite long bookings, overnights or dinner dates. Women like this do not like to be rushed or hurried, and they always prefer to get to know their clients whenever possible.

As always, if you have any questions at all about our escorts, at any price range, feel free to ask us. If you would prefer to browse some our cheap London escorts from just £150 feel free to do so. Just because they are cheaper, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to have a damn good time with them!

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