American London Escorts

Welcome to our gallery of American escorts in London. It’s time for the English and the Americans to improve their relations, and we couldn’t think of a better way than to book a high class escort from over the pond, right here in London. You know how much the Americans love London, they go crazy for it! So you can imagine just how excited the girls are in this gallery. Some of them may be here for the very first time. They are mostly young and impressionable girls, with so much to prove, and a lot more to offer. America may be a very big place, and indeed “The Land of the Free,” but London offers them liberties that they just can’t find over there.

American London escorts

What is it about an American girl that turns you on? The song says “American woman, stay away from me,” but we’re sure you don’t want these American women to stay away. Is it the accent? Is if the liberated view and passion for life? Is it just the look (if there is such a thing)? Whatever it is, you are going to find what you’re looking for here. The girls in this gallery could all very easily be entries into the Miss World contest, never mind Miss America, but there are probably a few of those here. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve spotted one or two of them on the TV.

Well-rounded girls

The escort abilities of these American ladies knows no bounds, and they are all very well-rounded individuals. They’re also well-educated, well-travelled and very confident. If the “land of the free” has taught these girls anything, it confidence to believe they can be anything they want. It’s the American Dream isn’t it? Well, how about you book your very own American Dream with Park Lane Escorts?

No language barriers

Another benefit of booking an American escort is that she’s not going to have any problems speaking English. Since, as you well know, English is the most common language in North America. There are others of course (and you may get a US escort that knows other languages), but this is the main one. You can book all the Russian escorts or Europeans you like, but if you’re an Englishman, you’ll never have a more engaging date than one where both parties speak English. It’s tricky to pass a non English speaking girl off as your girlfriend we know. Fun, but tricky.

Incall and outcall services

The girls are mostly all very versatile in terms of incall and outcall appointments. And as we just mentioned, outcall bookings to restaurants, parties and occasions etc. are not going to be a problem with an escort from the USA. Most of them have lovely incall apartments too. They’re used to having nice places to live, and they like to take care of their homes. You will always find an American girl clean and tidy and ready to entertain. These are very house proud women.

Book your American escort experience now with Park Lane Escorts. You’re going to have a blast. Call us with your booking.

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