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Welcome to our gallery of beautiful brunette escorts. Here you’ll find all the gorgeous London escorts who have brunette hair. We know there are many of you out there who have a particular preference for this type of girl, so we thought it prudent to put them all in one place! But tell us, what is it about those brunette ladies that gets you so hot under the collar? Perhaps you’re looking for a lookalike, or a young brunette companion to remind you of someone in particular?

Model London brunette escorts

It can safely be said that all the brunette escorts you see here have that movie star quality that men find so desirable. They put some of those actual movie stars in the shadows, we’re sure you’ll agree: Megan Fox, Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene have nothing on the girls you see here! We suppose it’s because these dark haired escorts are usually all international models, or they have at least done some modelling before. They’re photogenic and naturally beautiful to behold. We know that if we had to cast a new female lead in any movie, we would choose one of these brunette girls. We could teach them how to actually act later on! It’s the “eye candy” we want to see on the screen!

But it’s not all eye candy! On top of that natural beauty, you’ll always find the girls to be impeccably presented, always dressed to impressed, and always very pleased to see you. That’s not just because you’re paying them either you know! These high-class, dark haired escorts are genuinely into their careers and do this because they like meeting men, as well as making good money. It’s a winner for everyone involved!

Brains and brunettes!

People have often remarked that some girls have a “blonde moment”. This signifies that somehow blonde women are less intelligent. It’s all nonsense of course, but you never hear anything like that about brunette women do you? We are not subscribing to the blonde theory, don’t worry! All the girls we represent at Park Lane are highly intelligent, confident young ladies, so you can expect just this from our brunette escorts too. Not all of them speak perfect English, but you would be a fool to link this to lack of intelligence!

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All the young ladies you see on this page are available for both incall and outcall services throughout London. You can also browse our London escorts by location if you prefer. You’ll find a brunette girl in practically every location, in much the same way as you would a blonde. They have lovely apartments, nice and private and easy to find. You will be welcomed and offered refreshment, and generally treated like a King for the duration of your booking. These young ladies are all about the service. We wouldn’t bother to represent them if they weren’t, we have a reputation as one of the most dedicated London escorts agencies in the city. We wouldn’t want to lose that because we had an underperforming girl on our website.

Please do consider leaving a review for your brunette escort after you’ve seen her. You can leave feedback with us or you can go over to one of the independent escort review sites and leave a review on there. Either way, we are certain that our girls will appreciate your efforts. We will inform them that you have reviewed them on an independent site, so perhaps when you see them the next time, they’ll be extra specially nice to you!

If you really don’t mind what colour hair your companion has, you may be interested in our London blonde escorts page too.

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