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Welcome to our gallery of European escorts. All the girls you see on this page are certifiably European. We haven’t been so choosy as to categorise our European escorts by region. There are some websites that have an eastern European and a western European escort gallery for example. But we don’t think this is really that helpful. It’s enough to tell you that they are from Europe we think. If you want any more information, you can always ask. There is often more information in the individual girls’ descriptions anyway, where we think it’s relevant and when we have been given extra information.

Besides all that, we happen to believe that it doesn’t really matter too much whereabouts in Europe your escort is from. She could be a Spanish escort, or she could be a Romanian escort. Polish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Czech Republic and so on. It goes on and on and on. European girls are very different to English girls, and some would argue that they are more beautiful. So it doesn’t really matter whereabouts they come from in Europe, as long as you like the look of them. We can safely say that we have “vetted” them, so to speak, and made sure that they are also very charming and entertaining. If you see a girl you like the look of on this page (and we are certain that you will), you can be assured that you will have a marvellous time with her.

Good Eastern European girls

It has come to our attention that some people have a problem with escorts from eastern Europe. We aren’t quite sure why this is to be honest, since we rarely have a problem with them. And our clients certainly don’t. Apparently, the argument comes from the fact that there are too many of them over here in London. This was probably perpetuated by non-European escorts to be fair. Who wants all that competition? And there are a lot of European ladies in the London now offering their services.

There certainly isn’t any argument that states these young companions are not sexually attractive, that’s for sure. Not that British escorts aren’t beautiful of course, but an eastern European call girl is always fantastic to look at. Beautiful beyond belief, and they always seem to have really nice bodies. This is mostly because they’re young, but we do strongly believe that there is something in the water over there that makes them so very appealing.

Bad Eastern European escorts

Sometimes the opinion is warranted. Not in the case of Park Lane Escorts of course, but sometimes there are bad eastern European girls. You will find that most of the bad reports come from very cheap Euro escorts. And we don’t mean the cheap girls for £150 you find in our London escort gallery. We’re talking about those you can book from less that £100. There are very low-quality escort agencies out there that have no scruples at all when it comes to representing girls and keeping their clients happy. They’re not really bothered about the quality of the girl, or her service, simply because they know there will always be another client. At Park Lane Escorts, we would much rather keep a client than gain more and more.

Another situation where you often get problematic European girls is when you book them independently. There are those websites (we all know them) that allow girls to present themselves independently. These sites often have no way of regulating whether or not the girl is real to begin with, and they don’t take any measures to prevent the representation of trafficked girls from Europe. Some of them you see offering independent services may well be controlled by a person or group, so you really need to be careful. Don’t be part of the problem. We are always very careful about representing only those girls who choose to do what they do freely. If we have any suspicions at all, we refuse to list them. We would not hesitate to contact the authorities if we thought a girl was in danger in any way.

European girls are more liberated

A little like our Russian friends, most of those European girls you encounter in London these days are incredibly sexually liberated and open minded. Being stuck up about sex and relationships is becoming increasingly a English problem. To a certain extent in the USA too, but many of guys are a little too fundamentalist Christian for our liking, so there’s no surprise there. A European girl will never be afraid to show herself off, or to be seen out and about dining with clients in a tiny little mini dress and heels. Or coming to your hotel room dressed to kill and aiming to thrill. They are confident, sassy and always ready to party with you.

Excellent English language skills

Most of the Romanian escorts and practically all the girls from western European countries, all speak English fluently. In fact, when you meet a beautiful Romanian escort, she’ll make you ashamed that you don’t know any other language except English. Some of these girls are as young as 19 or 20 years old, and yet they speak fluent English. That’s pretty impressive, especially considering that some of them have only just arrived. Perhaps they watch too many of our soap operas!

Don’t worry about Brexit

These European courtesans are beyond any silly regulations that they may or may not impose now that the UK is leaving the EU. Most of the girls you see on this page are here studying, or just visiting on a holiday. They’re looking to earn some money whilst they are here and have a bloody good time doing it. In much the same way, we suppose, you may have spent some of your youth over in France or somewhere similar, picking grapes in the summer.

Some of the girls live here permanently of course, and these girls are always very good at sorting out their own lives, paying their taxes and contributing to our government. In many cases they contribute a lot more than most of our British nationals. Speaking of which, there are a number of high class escorts who have become British citizens, or are otherwise in the process of becoming one. So no-one is ever going to get rid of these young ladies. Besides, aren’t they too much a valuable resource? We would argue yes!

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