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Considering that we’re one of the first places that anyone with any taste in high class escorts comes to when they arrive in London, it will come as no surprise that we’re also a relatively popular international escorts agency. The girls you see on this page are all from other parts of the world. We are happy to represent a high class escort from literally anywhere in the world if we believe she fits our strict criteria. You will find that the girls are mostly in popular cities like New York, Dubai, Paris, Milan and so on, but we’re always adding new girls to the list, so it’s a good idea to keep popping back from time to time.

It’s worth mentioning here also that if you are travelling to a destination where you’re uncertain or nervous about booking girls, call us first. We have vast knowledge when it comes to international escorts and we know a lot of girls in a lot of places around the world. You never know, we may just know someone who would be perfect for you that may not be on our international escorts page at this time.

International escorts for our travelling clients

And to all our London clients that are planning trips to any of the destinations that you see on the international escorts below, you already know you can trust us! If you have a London agency that works abroad, use them, it’s not worth trying foreign escort agencies unless you know them already or you’ve had them recommended. Stick with what you know and book your overseas company with Park Lane Escorts!

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