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Welcome to our gallery of new London escorts. It’s here that we place all the new girls basically. This gallery is aimed at making it much easier for you to find the new additions quickly and easily without having to go through all the London escorts in the main gallery. You will find new girls from all over the world on this page. Most of the new girls will be Russian escorts, or European London escorts, simply because these seem to be the most popular, but you will find girls from all over.

London seems to be the place that most of the European and Russian girls travel to. They love it over here because it’s so very different to their homelands. Whilst the Russians are quite sexually liberated, the escorting scene over there is just not what it is here in London. These girls love the tourists in our capital because they come from practically everywhere in the world. They also love the massively diverse cultural mixture of people in London. The Russian Earls Court escorts love it there because there are so many different people, lots of open minded bars, and loads of different cuisines to sample. The same could be said for the new European girls who tend to choose Bayswater over most other regions.

To the girls you see on this page, London is a new and exciting place to visit. It’s not at all how you may view it. Boring, damp, busy and just frustrating. So do try to keep this in mind when you visit one of our new girls, we wouldn’t want you dampening their enthusiasm for our lovely capital would we? For most of the new ladies on this page, this will be their very first visit to London, let’s make it as wonderful as we know they’re going to treat you.

Why book new escorts

There are lots of reasons why our clients choose to book new escorts in London. It’s a little similar to why they choose to book the younger escorts. Because it’s all new to the girls, they may have little experience, and they are always very keen to do well. London is very appealing place to a new girl when she comes over for the first time. She has high expectations and we know that most of you who book the newbies, are very good at maintaining those high expectations and you make their first visit one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Of course, there are those of you among our clients who like to think that you may be among the new girl’s very first clients. This is always a nice thought to keep in mind, and we have to admit, once they arrive in London someone does have to be the first. There’s no denying it. The beauty of booking high class new girls is that they are not likely to get booked up that quickly by those who can only afford the cheaper girls. These high class London escorts tend to get booked by the high rollers among you, and certainly those who can afford the best of the best.

This is probably why we don’t get inundated with new London escorts here at Park Lane. We tend to only take the best girls, and we mainly get applications from those ladies that want to charge a premium price for their services. It’s worth pointing out here that we do not have any say in what rate the girls choose to list on their individual profiles. This is none of our business, and to be perfectly honest, we see hundred of very beautiful girls, but we don’t know that much about their quality of service until they have been booked and a client decides to give us some feedback. So we really couldn’t put a price tag on the company of any of the new girls.

Taking the new girls out on the town

This is always highly recommended if you want to really impress them. When it comes to the girls we have listed for some time, you’re not going to really impress them that much. Not when they’re high class model escorts that get taken out to all the best places practically all the time. But when you book a new girl, you can be among the first to take them to places they’ve never been before. And we are certain that they will reciprocate by taking you to places you have never been before. Figuratively speaking of course. When you think about the amount of classy bars and restaurants there are in London, you’re bound to score one that she hasn’t been to, even if you’re not among the first to book her. If you like, we can always check whether or not she’s been to a particular place you have in mind, before you book it. We do our best to help our clients and our girls, so it’s no trouble at all. We want you and your chosen escort to have the time of your lives together. If you’ve never booked one of these young ladies, dating one of our new escorts is going to be an experience that you will never forget.

If you would rather browse some of the girls who have been with the agency for a bit longer, take a look in our main London escorts gallery.

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