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Welcome to our gallery of Russian escorts. Here you will find all the girls we have at Park Lane Escorts from Russia. “From Russia with Love,” as the old Bond movie says. And these girls certainly have plenty of love to offer their clients. If there is one thing that you can depend on a Russian escort being, it’s genuinely interested and excited by her dates. These girls were built to be escorts. It’s in their DNA for goodness sake. You will already know this if you’ve ever booked one. We actually think there must be a school of escorting for Russians who want to do brief tours in London. There really is nothing like them on this earth. And they are perfectly placed at Park Lane Escort because we are a very high class agency. You will find Russian girls here from around £200 an hour, sometimes up to £800. You would have to tell us what the difference is after you’d booked them. We know for a fact that even the cheap Russian escorts are always getting excellent feedback, so goodness only knows what kind of a time you’re going to have with an even more expensive girl.

What is it about escorts from Russia?

Well, despite the fact that we believe there is a school for these particular girls, realistically speaking let’s look at what’s more verifiable. As an agency that has been in business for nearly two decade, we can safely say that they are all physically stunning. And that’s not just because all the girls we have at the agency are you understand. Most Eastern European escorts are very beautiful too of course, but Russians are always exceptional.

But looks aside for the moment, it’s more about their dedication and genuine nature. Whilst they do have a few flaws here and there, you can always count on a real girlfriend escort experience with a Russian lady. They just devote themselves to the moment so easily. Russians are by their very nature very sexually liberated of course, and this makes them very comfortable around men from all walks of life. They are never afraid to take the lead on a date, or in a relationship, and they always know when it’s time to give way and be more submissive. We suppose that a Russian escort can read her men easier than any other nationality we have encountered. Lucky for us, and indeed you, that there are so many of them that want to come work in London.

Language barriers

We will begin this section by declaring that there is one minor imperfection with some of the Russian escorts that come to London. This is not all of them, but we would admit that it is significant. Not all of them have very good English. Not nearly as good as the eastern European escorts we get coming to the agency. They try very hard, and most of the Russian girls that are offering their services are actually attending language school whilst they are here. It’s actually very common for them to come to London to help improve their English, as well as have a great time as an escort. Go ahead and ask any of the girls you might book from us, we’re betting that a large number of them are studying. They really appreciate longer bookings and enjoy trying to communicate with their clients, even though they may struggle. This is in stark contrast sometimes, to those European girls who actually have a reasonable command of English, but refuse to practice and improve it. You will often find that a Russian girl will overtake those from eastern Europe in this respect.

It really does make a difference and we have seen the difference in person. We have represented many Russian escorts in the past whose English was far from perfect. Yet after a stint over here in London, and a brief break back in the Motherland, they have returned to speak much better English. So it just goes to show that these highly intelligent young ladies really do make the effort and do their homework, so to speak.

Versatile escorts for any occasion

That high level of intelligence translates into everything they do too. They are perfect for any event or booking, despite language barriers. Even if you take them to dinner with people you know, they behave so very naturally around you and anyone else, that onlookers would say that she knows you so very well. They are just so comfortable in any situation. And it never hurts to have a beautiful woman like the ones you see here, sharing dinner with you does it? Even if they can’t speak perfect English. And there’s no bigger turn on that a Russian woman speaking English in that accent. It’s very hot indeed.

Russians are also very stylish. They say the Italians and the French are the most fashionable, but they’ve got nothing on Russian model escorts. In actual fact, some of the young women you see here are international models, or they have at least done this at some point or other. Adding even more to their vast knowledge of the world. Many of them are so much more mature than their years would suggest. Experience speaks volumes with these girls.

If you really would like to go out to restaurant with one of these girls and you would like to appreciate their nationality and indeed their culture, take them to Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge. It’s not far from The Mandarin Oriental hotel, and it’s one of the best places to get traditional Russian cuisine. They’re going to be very impressed. In fact, see if any of these Russians is a Knightsbridge escort if you like.

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