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Welcome to our gallery of tall escorts. All the girls on this page are above a certain height. We can’t remember what the precise height is, but you can rest assured that if we put them in this gallery, they’re certainly tall. Perhaps the best thing to do when it comes to a gallery like this is to ask you what exactly it is about them that you like the most? You could be a particularly tall man yourself. In which case, it’s highly understandable why you would desire a woman who meets or exceeds your height. There are those perfectly practical reasons like that. No-one wants to look particularly odd walking into a restaurant with a woman who is significantly shorter than them. This is especially so if you are dating an escort and you would like to remain reasonably discreet. You could just long for that classic experience of walking into a bar with a gorgeous, tall London model escort on your arm, dressed in a cocktail dress with high heels. There is a certain romantic idealism to dating a tall, slim woman, and it makes no difference whatsoever whether she is an escort. At least for the purposes of a few hours anyway.

You could argue that most of the girls at the agency are tall models, but this gallery is reserved for those that are actually models and those that certainly qualify as tall. In fact some of the girls you see on this page are actual catwalk models, whilst others are catalogue or perhaps glamour models. When you are this beautiful it would be a waste not to show the world just how stunning you are. Luckily for you however, a life in modelling isn’t enough to satiate the needs and desires of the ladies you see here. They have chosen a life in high class London escorting to meet these needs. It’s not always about the money for these ladies either. Most of them have grown accustomed to the appreciation of men, and they simply want more and more of it. It’s like an addiction in many respects. A beautiful woman demands to be admired. More to the point as far as we’re concerned, is that she deserves to be admired.

High class models for fine gentlemen

It would also be a waste to not spend as much time being entertained by men of distinction such as yourself. We have always attracted a certain breed of character to this website if you will. Even though we list women for all price ranges, we always seem to get the most wealthy and powerful men in the world using our service. This pleases us immensely, and it’s another reason that all these world class tall models sign up with us rather than any other agency. Many of the girls you see here are exclusive London escorts with Park Lane.

The girls realise that men of a truly discerning nature desire only the most beautiful, charming and intelligent companions, which is why they choose to date models. Even the most average models are incredibly charming, well-travelled, and of course beautiful. The model escorts you see on this page however, are far from average.

The nature of a tall model escort

These stunning women are something else entirely. It’s not just the fact that they are tall and beautiful. It’s more to do with the fact that they are, or have been, models. A model’s life brings with it a lot of experience, and a lot of personality. They are witty, charming and highly intelligent. They have more than likely travelled the globe and been exposed to many different aspects of life and culture from practically everywhere. If ever there was a young woman with the confidence and ability to handle herself in any social situation it would be one of these girls. Conversation will be as stimulating as her appearance. You really couldn’t ask for more. Elegant, classy, approachable and charming beyond belief. We know you’re going to have a great time.

Click on the girl you like the most and read more about her. Then simply call Park Lane Escorts and we will get the two of you together. All the tall escort girls have lovely apartments in various locations around London, or they’d be equally as happy to come to your home or hotel!

You will find many of our models along with other girls in some of the other galleries too. Why not take a look? You will find that most of these girls are late night model escorts and well capable of international travel companionship services too.

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