April – South Kensington

1 Hour£250£300
2 Hours£450£500
Dinner Date£650£700

About April

April is a brand new, delightful busty blonde in Central London. She’s got the perfect figure for this career. She manages to maintain a lovely slim body, yet carry those more than ample boobs around with her all day long. Not only that, she also has a fabulous ass and lovely long legs. What we like to refer to as proper model material. We are very happy to have her here with us at Park Lane Escorts. She has the potential to be one of the best young ladies we represent, not least because of her remarkably low fee. When you have a women this beautiful and talented working as an escort, you would expect her to be charging much more for her services.

With a body this fantastic, you’d expect there to be something not so wonderful about her, wouldn’t you? Just to counterbalance it all. Well, you’d be very wrong indeed. This is a young lady that has a personality as bright and shockingly wonderful as her body. April could light up any room with her charms, but we’re well aware that you are more concerned in the just how she can light you up. This young blonde babe can ensure that you feel like the only man in any room. She is a devoted, loyal and highly affectionate young lady with a passion for making others feel good. April is waiting to show you just how fantastic she really is.

You can book her pretty much whenever you like. She offers her escort services throughout Central London. She is punctual and always very present in the moment. She has all it takes to be the temporary girlfriend you need in your life, even if it’s only for an hour! And at this remarkably low rate, there really is no reason why you can’t book her for the entire evening! Book now with Park Lane Escorts and allow us to help you realise your dreams.

LocationSouth Kensington
Height5ft 6


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