Charlotte – Dubai

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About Charlotte

Charlotte is an international model of some repute. Don’t ask us where she is published, because to be honest we’re not sure. We just know that it’s in Europe somewhere and have it on good authority from people in that line of work. It’s not surprising though, not when you take a good look at her. She has all the physical attributes of a model. The height, the slender figure, long legs, perky boobs and tight ass. There isn’t a thing out of place on Charlotte. Not to mention the fact that she looks awesome in anything she chooses to wear. This is a natural model, make no mistake about it.

And if you are looking for high class London escort services, you have certainly found yet another of our girls who are more than capable of delivering. Charlotte may be new to London, but she’s no stranger to entertaining men from all walks of life. She has the experience of an international touring model, and she has already been pursuing her escorting career elsewhere. So when you meet her, she’s certainly not going to be nervous or shy in any way. This is one hell of a confident young lady, and this alone is what helps to rank her as high class in our opinion.

Charlotte loves most things associated with her escorting career, but dining out and drinking great cocktails are higher on the list than most. If you take her out and about, perhaps to a restaurant and a couple of bars, you are going to impress the hell out of her. Charlotte really knows how to party when she’s with the right people too, so you can count on a night to remember. A truly versatile and high end London escort that you are going to adore!



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