Debbie – Covent Garden

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American London Escort Debbie

We are very happy to have our beautiful visitor from across the pond here in London with us. The delectable Debbie has a passion for London like very few American girls have had in the past. They all love it, but Debbie has an affinity with our fair city and she loves Englishmen. Well, to be honest, she loves all men. She is somewhat insatiable, for want of a better word. American escorts in London always seem to do well, and we have no doubt in our minds that Debbie will be no exception to the rule.

She certainly has the look for a high class London escort agency, there’s no denying that much. Those flawless facial features, bright and electric eyes, and a smile that could sell sand to the Arabs. Her body is another thing altogether. She has some killer curves, the type that make men weep with desire. Her boobs are a lovely size, and she has a curvy, nice round ass that looks tremendous in a tight skirt. She is what we like to refer to as “all woman,” and in all the right ways.

When she’s not wining and dining with her clients, or entertaining in any professional capacity, Debbie has a number of interests. When the opportunity arises she loves trips to the theatre. She has a passion for musicals, and actually enjoys dancing too. She loves to work out in the gym and work up a sweat. And of course, she loves to shop in the West End, where she can find all the labels and luxury she has grown accustomed to. You’re in for a real treat with Debbie, book now with Park Lane Escorts.

LocationCovent Garden
Height5ft 5


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