Lilly – Cromwell Rd

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Russian Model Escort Lilly

Lilly is one of the most beautiful Russian girls you’ll ever meet. This Gloucester Road escort has a nice little apartment in the area, where she is happy to entertain her VIP clients in a manner they have become very accustomed to. You will only get this VIP treatment from the high end call girls at Park Lane you know. Lilly meets all the criteria for this too. Beautiful beyond all belief, classy, stylish, and with a personality that is genuinely in love with her lifestyle and career choice. This is not something Lilly has to do, it never has been. This stunning Russian angel only escorts because she can’t get enough male attention. She is quite literally insatiable. Or perhaps you believe you can satisfy her?

Why are the girls from Russia always so very beautiful? We tend not to ask those sort of questions anymore, and just enjoy the fact that they are. Not only are they usually all model material, they’re also very sexy too. Like Lilly here, those Russians simply can’t get enough male attention. And it’s genuine all the way, with real affection. You would be forgiven for believing that these girls actually want a partner for life. They don’t by the way, so don’t go embarrassing yourself. Girls like Lilly can’t be tamed and kept, they are built to wander free on the earth, they’re wild and highly sensual, in touch with their feelings and what they want out of life. What Lilly wants is to have fun, make connections and live her life to the max.

This involves a lot actually. As well as the usual shopping, beauty treatments and working out, that most high end escorts do on a daily basis, Lilly has a few other interests. She is a keen theatre goer, and she’s very much looking forward to a few dates to London’s West End if you fancy a night out. She loves all the arts, and visits galleries wherever she is in the world. She enjoys museums too, and has had a great time so far, exploring those available to her here in London. And to top all of that off, Lilly is also quite the “foodie,” as the popular expression goes. If you can find a nice restaurant, you’re already half way there with Lilly!

LocationCromwell Road SW5
Height5ft 11


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