Mira – Marble Arch

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Brunette London Escort Mira

Yet another Russian to come to Park Lane Escorts, but we’re not complaining. The best thing about these Russian women is that, whilst they all share the fact they’re stunning, they are all pretty much unique in their own right. Unlike many European escorts, they have many subtle differences that you just can’t quite describe, making each one even more fascinating than the last. If you are a fan of Russian London escorts, you should make it a hobby to study them more in depth. We could think of worse pastimes!

Mira has those marvellous cheekbones that you could quite easily cut yourself on if you were lucky enough to give her a kiss. She has deep and sensual eyes, and a smile that lights up the room. The beauty of Mira’s smile (and that of many other Russian girls) is that it is not plastered falsely on her face all the time, making it appear disingenuous. They are sultry and quite reserved creatures, the Russian girls, but when you get a smile, you know it’s genuine, and they can speak a thousand words. She has the type of face that you just want to hold in your hands and kiss gently, over and over.

Her body is just as impressive of course (why else would she be on a high class escort website?) She has a delightfully slim, yet still very hourglass type figure, that’s a wonder to behold. She favours close fitting clothes and those that allow her to show a little skin whenever she gets the chance. She’s a beautiful young woman and she celebrates this confidently all the time. What you see here in her pictures is almost certainly what you get when you meet her face to face. A truly remarkable, beautiful woman.

LocationMarble Arch
Height5ft 6


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