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Blonde London Escort Pammi

There isn’t much left to the imagination when you look at a beautiful busty London escort like Pammi is there? Those boobs of hers are certainly two of her most attractive qualities, and the reason she gets so much attention since her arrival here in London. Pammi is well capable of handling all the extra attention however, so there are no worries there. She’s a confident young woman, who loves her body. Pammi is not afraid to flaunt her body in the right place, and to the right people. And she knows just how to use it to get what she wants. This is the reason she is perfect for the high end escort business. We are certain that you will agree.

If it’s curves you want, on a nicely toned body, Pammi is the perfect choice. For those of you looking for an escort with real passion, it will please you to learn that she is one of our recommended Brazilian escorts here in London. Those Latin lovers really know how to impress their dates. You should consider taking Pammi dancing, but make sure you’re prepared for an experience that you’ll never forget. She has a habit of making men fall madly in love with her. She’ll break your heart though guys, this one is not for keeps, just on loan!

You can book the marvellous Pammi for incall or outcall bookings at your leisure. She is more than capable of showing you an excellent time, and she doesn’t mind coming to your hotel. Don’t worry, she will be discreet, she’s a professional. Be sure to mention if there is anything you would like her to bring with her, or another change of clothes etc. Pammi will always come dressed appropriately. She can be very attractive, even when she plays it down. A woman like this can hardly switch it off! Book now for the time of your life, and be sure to leave her a review when you get a chance. We know it will be good!

Height5ft 6


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