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British Escort Rose

Rose is the quintessential English Rose. A British London escort with all the beauty and sexuality you’d expect from an English ‘lass’. Brit girls are always full of fun, and they’re always ready to show you a good time. Now, when you take that to the extreme of being professionals at this job, you can count on something very exciting indeed. They’re no longer just fun English girls, they’re professional, high end escorts and they know just what you want. What’s more is that they’re in a position to give it to you if you behave and treat them well.

This is something that Rose insists upon, above all else. She’s a very confident young woman, and she knows only too well how she deserves to be treated. She likes to be wined and dined, and she likes to be spoken to politely and eloquently whenever possible. She’s a real lady and always responds well to real gentlemen. If you can’t bring yourself to treat a beauty like this well, then you’d probably better not book her.

Rose is one of our curvy, real women. A real big boobs London escort, who knows just how to exploit her look to inform her career. Those boobs, that lovely curvy ass and waist and the surrounding figure is really impressive. We think she looks best of all when she’s in a nice close fitting evening dress. One that really hugs her curves and shows off that hourglass shape she’s rocking. Rose is the girl of your dreams, if you took MDMA before going to bed. She really is a fantasy figure worth booking. Do it soon, whilst she’s still here. There’s always a great fantasy girl to book at Park Lane Escorts. And remember, if you have any questions at all about Rose, or any of the girls you see on our website, just give us a quick call or drop us an email. We’ll always be happy to help you make a choice.

LocationLondon Outcalls
Height5ft 7


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