Sonya – Marylebone

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Sexy Escort Sonya

Sonya is one of the most stunning examples of Russian beauty we’ve seen in a long, long time. She has that classic look that most girls would kill each other for given half the chance. She doesn’t require a lot of makeup to ensure she looks her best, she has fresh, youthful and natural beauty. Her smile is gorgeous, her lips full and inviting, and her eyes deep and soulful. You couldn’t ask for a prettier face. Her body is something else entirely. Made for the London escort business.

Sonya’s body is pert, slim and still so very womanly. She has the figure of a more mature woman, but defies gravity like a teenager. Those boobs of hers are pert and sit up there on her chest proudly, ready to make any sweater or low cut top look amazing! Her ass is the stuff dreams are made of, and everything that surrounds it looks as though it was custom built just to please anyone looking at it. Sonya has learned very quickly that her body and her beautiful, flawless good looks, can get her pretty much anything her heart desires, but she has chosen not to allow this to lower her character.

She has a wonderful personality. She is warm, caring and inviting. Yes, she may have a very naughty side, like all young women do at this age (and in this career!), but she is a very confident and versatile woman capable of anything. She is a good choice for incall bookings as well as outcalls to your apartment or hotel. Be sure to check out our other Russian escorts in London

Height5ft 6


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