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Sexy London Escort Sophia

Now you’ve seen pictures of Sophia our beautiful, elite Knightsbridge escort, whenever you come to define beauty, you will always think of her.  For beauty in this natural and raw form, is abundant only in the youthful and exuberant.  At only 21 years old, Sophia has it all.  Her natural beauty is matched only by her wonderful figure.  With her gorgeously long, smooth legs, her pert and full breasts and gravity defying bottom, this young London escort model has the quintessential model look that is so hotly in demand among our most valued clients.  Sophia has much more to offer an escort experience than her looks however.

This young high class escort is as bright as a button, remarkably switched on and charming to boot!  Should you require a date for dinner and you need your escorts to be intellectually stimulating, you couldn’t ask for better company.  Despite her youth, VIP Blonde escort Sophia makes a point of being very well read and keeps up to date with current affairs and popular culture.  She’s happy to converse on a number of levels and she will surprise you with her interest and opinions.  Not only is she intellectually stimulating, you may also find her intellectually challenging too!

So, a sexy Knightsbridge escort with a body to die for, and a mind to explore in depth.  You couldn’t really ask for a better companion, regardless of how long you plan to spend with her.  Sophia is attentive, affectionate and has a very natural, loving persona that you will instantly warm to.  She’s happy to consider reasonable requests too, so should you require her to wear something in particular perhaps, simply let us know when you make your booking.  We will be happy to liaise with her on your behalf.  A date with this London escort will be nothing short of a purely luxurious experience!

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Height5ft 7


Amazing girl

5.0 rating
November 1, 2020

Sophia is intelligent, sexy and generally amazing. Would recommend to anyone. Charming, cool and remarkably interesting. On top of all this, is arguably the most stunning girl I’ve ever met.


Love Sophia!

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

I went back to visit my all-time fave escort Sophia on another long afternoon visit.I took her some more gifts,she told me she will be in London next year (goody,goody).We did some more recording on my phone (great fun).I brought Sophia a memory card and copied all the videos and pics on it for her to keep for herself of our funtimes.Sophia is beautiful,elegant,sophisticated and a very classy lady,if there were a premier league for escorts Sophia would easily win it.Thanks babe for a great afternoon,we always have a lot of fun.You’re the best x B x.I’ll see you next year,”I’ll be back”, Lol.Special thanks to Park Lane Escorts for arranging my bookings and passing my requests onto Sophia,You’re an excellent agency i will use you again to see Sophia,Happy Christmas Xx.


Sophia Again

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

I went back to see adorable Sophia on another long afternoon visit,i brought her a bottle of chanel perfume,box of milk tray and put some money in a Christmas card for her,She’s worth it Sophia always looks after me.She has the most beautiful feet and we enjoy foot fetish.Today Sophia recorded and took pics of our time spent together on my phone for me,great fun.I wished i could keep Sophia all to myself.Sweetheart you are always amazing,i hope and look forward to seeing you again next year x B x.The lady is brilliant at the agency,she passes all my requests onto Sophia,many thanks Xx.



5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

I met up with Sophia for a third time,i have spent 11 hours with her in total.She is my all-time favourite escort.Thanks babe x B x.


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