The short answer to this is no, they’re not. We suppose it all depends on how you define “prostitute”. In our minds a prostitute is a person who sells sexual services for money. In this case, an escort is most certainly not a prostitute. Even though an escort may choose to have sex with her client, it does not make her a prostitute, because any money that is paid to them is for their time alone. There may well be various expectations when booking an escort, but at the end of the day, the escort decides what she is willing and not willing to do with her clients.

Prostitution is not illegal anyway in the United Kingdom. The control of prostitution however is illegal. This means any girl who is forced or coerced into the act of prostitution. Those responsible for her control and coercion are breaking the law. This is mainly perpetrated by “pimps” who are sometimes involved in human trafficking. Here at Park Lane Escorts, we are very aware of this, and although thankfully it is very rare in the agency world, we remain highly vigilant. If we suspect for a moment that a girl is being trafficked we will inform the authorities and refuse her representation. These so called “pimps” do not often approach escort agencies anyway thankfully. All the girls we represent advertise their escort services on our website by their own free will.