Booking an escort here in London, or indeed anywhere in the United Kingdom is perfectly legal. Regardless of what some may believe, booking the company of an escort is much the same as booking time with a therapist, a masseuse, or hairdresser etc. It’s two people entering into a transactional relationship whereby one offers services to another for payment. An escort is offering her companionship service to those who choose to book it. High class independent escort and those represented by an agency will not enter into any discussions about sexual services. This is not professional for an escort, or an escort agency. In fact, as we have stated clearly on our website, we do not condone or encourage the pursuit of sexual services. Our role is to act as an introduction agency only.

What goes on between an escort and her client is matter between two consenting adults. In much the same way as what happens between a therapist and their clients we would imagine. If a therapist ends up having sex with their client, this is between the two of them and doesn’t concern anyone else; and it’s certainly not illegal (even though if the therapist works for a company they would probably face disciplinary action). The same applies to escorts, and they are particularly lucky because they are their own boss, and can do pretty much whatever they want.