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Welcome to our gallery of Moscow escorts. Here you will find all the escorts in Moscow we represent. Well, actually that’s not always the case. You see, we have some very good contacts in Russia and we are often able to contact many more girls if you give us a little notice. If you are booking in advance, it’s really best to give us a call and see just who may be available. There’s one thing that Russian women love, and that’s male company. These girls try to make themselves available as often as possible. Also considering that so many Russian women come over to London for escorting work, there’s no wonder that when they return to Russia they’re going to want to continue.

We know we have a number of international clients at Park Lane Escorts, so we thought it a very good idea to create a gallery of escorts in Moscow. Not all the girls live in Moscow, some live on the outskirts or very nearby, and they can be with you in no time at all for an outcall to your hotel. The beauty of most of the girls however, is that they are there already in Moscow, and most of them have their own luxury flats where you can visit. Moscow is a wonderful city, with many different areas to explore. We are certain if you are visiting from overseas that you will have a wonderful time there.

Incall Moscow escorts

As with any of our London locations, you will find that the incall apartments of these Moscow girls are all very discreet, yet very easy to locate. Russian women always take good care of their homes, and they make sure that they are welcoming and ready for you. It doesn’t make a difference whether or not the girls are models or not, they are still very house proud. They may have their very own cleaners, but they will make sure that the job is done. Showers, fresh towels and refreshments are commonplace in a Russian incall apartment, in much the same way as they are in call girl apartments worldwide. If you are travelling to Moscow from London, you won’t find much of a difference at all really. In fact, you may well find yourself calling on a girl that you’ve seen in London already.

This is the aim of this gallery in many respects. Once we have had an opportunity to meet with these Russian escorts, we are happy to represent them as Moscow escorts when they return home. This is especially so if we know that they will be returning to London to work with us again and we can trust them.

Outcall Moscow call girls

It’s relatively common to book a girl to come to your hotel in Moscow, and no surprise at all to any hotel staff across the city. If you’ve never been to Moscow before, you will be surprised at just how liberated the Russians are when it comes to this kind of thing. We can’t be certain about all the room policies of every hotel in the city of course, but you can always arrange to meet your Moscow companion in the lobby or bar before you go up to your room, if you are presented with any difficulties. Most of the time you will be able to get around this by simply letting the hotel staff know what your plans are (not all your plans of course!)

If you are an international traveller, we would probably recommend one of the more internationally geared hotels to you. The Ritz Carlton will offer the luxury you’re after we’re sure. The Marriott and The Savoy are also great international choices, with a very tolerant, accommodating and English speaking staff. Most have restaurants in the hotels anyway, but if you fancy going out for a bite to eat, we would advise getting some company first. Book your Moscow escort to meet you at your hotel and then go somewhere from there. Allow her to tell you where she thinks is best of all. These young ladies know their home city, and they also speak the language remember. The Russians really do know how to dine and they have some amazing dishes to try.

If you have any questions about your booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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