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Welcome to our gallery of high class South Kensington escorts. This is where you’ll find our South Kensington Luxury models. These stylish Elite Escorts love living in this part of the city. It’s got everything they need to survive, and you probably already know that these young ladies require a certain standard of living. If they can’t be close to a boutique to get their hair and nails done when they want, it simply won’t do. And you’re glad of that fact of course, since you like your escorts to be looking their very best when you meet.

They need access to some of the nicest restaurants and coffee shops, the best shopping, the most stylish apartments, gyms and good public transport links. South Kensington has it all. We know that you aren’t interested in beauty salons, but it’s comforting for you to know that your VIP South Kensington Escorts have these things on their doorstep none the less.

International model South Kensington escorts

All our South Kensington escorts look consistently fabulous, whether they’re off for a hotel visit, or simply inviting you to their apartment for the evening. A happy, well-groomed model means a happy client, and they know this only too well. It’s worth pointing out that most of the girls you see on this page are actually genuine models. The experience they gain from their modelling careers has definitely informed their careers as London escorts. Can you imagine the attention they’ve had walking the catwalks of the world? All those men, all those advances? Modelling work is a sure-fire way to gain confidence and the ability to interact with other people. Not to mention looking fabulous all the time!

Elite South Kensington escorts

But it’s not just where they’ve come from and what they used to do. Whilst their experience does lend itself to being a better escort, there are other factors that come into play. These South Kensington escorts all have an innate aptitude for their career. Meaning that they have certain personality traits that have almost preprogramed them for this career. We suppose another way of looking at it would be to call them “naturals”. It’s always very pleasing when you get girls like this applying to the agency, and we’re always quick to get them up into the galleries. We do not represent everyone who applies to us, we simply won’t put up with substandard service providers.

Outcall South Kensington Escorts

When you book a stylish South Kensington escort from our agency, you can count on them being the best in the area. They’re well used to bookings at all the major luxury hotels in the area and have vast experience of meeting clients. If they can’t negotiate their way to your room, you can bet that they’ll wait discreetly for you to meet with them. You could choose to meet them in your hotel bar or restaurant, or perhaps just in the lobby. There’s always something they can be doing whilst they wait for you to come and greet them. Most decent hotels have a bar, or someone looking after guests downstairs. And just for your information, if you are not staying in a nice hotel, please do not book our escorts in South Kensington to come and visit you.

Or why not go out to a restaurant? When you have the best South Kensington escorts London can offer you at your fingertips, it would be a shame not to take the opportunity. A dinner date with a professional London escort is something that should be experienced at least once by everyone. We strongly recommend La Trattoria by Alfredo Russo if you’d like contemporary Italian food. Or if you’re into Asian cuisine, try Thai square for excellent value. However, one of our personal favourites, and not one for the vegetarians out there, would be Macellaio on main road. The steaks here are out of this world. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it. Nice wine list too, all Italian and Sicilian. Call us when you’ve chosen one of our 24-hour South Kensington escorts, and we’ll get the two of you together. The booking process is simple and you can do it via telephone conversation with us personally, online booking form, or just send us a message. We are very versatile and we’d like to make things easy for you. You may also be interested in viewing our escorts in Gloucester Road, and all the nearby girls in Sloane Avenue too.

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